The Big ASK Digital Summit - August 1, 2020

The Big ASK Digital Summit - August 1, 2020

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The Big ASK Digital Summit hosted by Lucinda Cross is a one-day event, that has several panel discussions, a pitch session, hands-on workshops and interactive activities, of course music breaks, and a few surprise giveaways. The Big ASK Digital Summit is hitting on the interactive front, and we look forward to bringing you into the full experience. The time is now to get your ASK together and breathe some life, love, and light into your world!

The Big ASK is exciting to bring this experience to you in the comfort of your home. Same dopeness! A new platform, same greatness, and even greater Results!

We are excited to announce Delta Air Lines has officially partnered with The Big ASK Digital Summit for 2020. Their commitment and dedication to entrepreneurs is admired and we are honored to partner with them to bring you the support you need to thrive during these challenging economical times.

The Big ASK Digital Summit is the place where you’ll find tried and true answers to your questions. The attendees and participants at the Big ASK have already accomplished what you desire to do; and are there specifically to give you advice, support, and how-to and what-to-do insight.

Presentation and activities hosted by Lucinda Cross

Panel Discussions include:

Get Your ASK Together

1. Trevor Otts 2. Ash Cash

Sister-Friends with Benefits: How to Mastermind Your ASK

1. Aprille Franks

2. Doreen Rainey

3. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

4. Zenovia Andrews


Queen Boss Big ASK Pitch: Surprise celebrity guests

Sounds by DJ Ms. Chu


Three interactive activities facilitated by Lucinda

Who Will Be There Virtually: A group of leaders who have been through the fire, can't be outworked, addicted to success, too raw and real for TV group of power thinkers and doers.

What Is This All About: Masterminding, Networking, Collaborating and Creating new alliances. In a laid back business conference event format.

The Big ASK Digital Summit will gather those action takers who don't make excuses and take the risk because their why is bigger than their why not.

When Is This Taking Place: Saturday, August 1, 2020

Where Is This Going To Be: Digital link will be sent after registration

Who Should Attend: Those who have a big ASK. Those who keep praying for help. Those who have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Features: Our Activate Experiences have been featured in ESSENCE, Black Enterprise, Daily News, NY 1, The TODAY Show, 103.9fm, WBLS, WLIB. We have been rated at the #8 Top event for Women for Entrepreneurs

Production and Result Driven Years Hosting:

The Big ASK 2019 was a wild success

Five years of The Activate Conference

One year of Super Mom Entrepreneur Conference

Going on 2nd Year of WE Nation

Hosted over 300 workshops online and virtual classes under the Activate brand.

*Please note we have a 100 percent success/Sold Out rate